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San Francisco


This is the website portfolio of Erynn Hesler, a designer and art director located in San Francisco. Erynn specializes in customer engagement, web design, emails and print materials.



I'm Erynn, I'm a San Francisco-based designer & illustrator with strong Kansas ties. I moved to San Francisco a few weeks after graduating from the University of Missouri and during the craziest plague of locusts mid-Missouri has seen in years. San Francisco was love at first sight (thankfully given that first-sight was driving over the Bay Bridge in a moving truck.) I very much consider myself a Midwestcoast-er.

I spent a few years at ModCloth, designing in fast turn-around e-commerce marketing department. Afterwards, I took at job at Omada Health as the first full-time designer focused solely on designing enrollment marketing assets like brochures, poster campaigns and landing pages.

Today I'm the lead designer for brand and marketing at MileIQ. I work closely with our marketing team on emails, landing pages, enrollment user flows and maintaining brand standards across a rapidly growing product suite and international markets.

Afterhours, I enjoy taking on interesting freelance work. I like helping small companies polish their presence and create memorable assets for their audiences.

Other things I think you should know:

Oh man, I love dogs. I adopted my boxer-pug in 2008, I've helped many friends find their forever furbaby, I conned my parents into a cocker spaniel-poodle (then they adopted another on their own free-will shortly after.) I'll get you a dog—and then I'll offer to help you take care of it because he or she is probably 'rill cute.

I run marathons! It's crazy, I know. I've run two so far, the San Francisco Marathon and the Napa Valley Marathon.

I changed the spelling of my name in eighth grade to 'ERYNN,' and just kept it up. Legally, it's ERIN, but four letters? No descenders? No fun.

I love Kansas City. I have a stalk of wheat tattooed on my left arm next to script that reads 'Ad Astra Per Aspera,' the Kansas state motto. What makes me such a proud Kansan? Well, aside from the Jayhawks (I'm a bad Mizzou grad!), probably the fact that my grandpa was governor of the state for a few years in the 70's.