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San Francisco


This is the website portfolio of Erynn Hesler, a designer and art director located in San Francisco. Erynn specializes in customer engagement, web design, emails and print materials.

Good Lookin' Documents


Good Lookin' Documents

I love InDesign. I've designed a variety of text-heavy documents for sales, training and research. Please email me to see the entire documents.

Prevent Champion Toolkit, Digital PDF and printed piece.  

This is a 12-page digital PDF and printed booklet for HR representatives to show them how to talk about Prevent and get their work place excited and ultimately enrolled in the program. I worked with a marketing lead to concept and write the content.

Neon Two-Pager, Digital PDF and printed piece.  

I worked with Neon’s communications lead and VP of Sales on a two page document explaining Neon’s product to potential customers. Neon’s product predicts high-performing photos for content providers and automatically swaps them for other photos if performance dips.

Health Coach One-Pager, Digital PDF and printed piece. 

Short flyer on the Health Coaches in the Prevent program. Health Coaching is one of the key differentiators between Prevent and our competitors, sales needed to create a piece to help further explain that brand differentiator.

Diabetes Prevention Program Monograph, Digital PDF and printed piece.

A research-heavy sales piece with lots of graphs and table styles. Monograph was later built out into a Word document that allowed the sales team to easily update key facts without needing to involve design resources.